Life is Strange 2 Release Date Announced

The release date for Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 has been announced by Dontnod Entertainment to be September 27th 2018, as unveiled in the above recent teaser.

The sequel’s narrative will span five episodes like the first Life is Strange game, and will apparently have ties to the new spin-off game, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (it’ll be released on June 26th in Australia and I’ll be going over it more in another post coming up, along with a bunch of other games mentioned at this year’s E3).

So far we only know the possibility of a new location (different to Arcadia Bay) and new set of characters which has been hinted at for some time. More information is said to be revealed in August by the development team.

LiS 2

While there has been some mention that this new teaser gives absolutely no indication of what Life is Strange 2 would be like, I would say that this may not necessarily be so.

From what it looks like, the teaser shows an extremely close up perspective of the sequel’s title being stitched onto a dirtied and ripped messenger bag, then zooming out to reveal the release date of the first episode overlaid onto the bag, and some dust blowing over, the bag strewn upon what seems like a dirt path (the “bae before bay” ending of the first game did end with a sense of decay as well).

Max Caufield (Hannah Telle) and Chloe Price (Ashly Burch), Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment.

I’m speculating that this could possibly be a clue about either the protagonist, antagonist or some other key character to the game, foreshadowing a pivotal scene, or perhaps even the thread might have some sort of symbolic meaning to the new game’s theme…all of which would make more sense once more information is given to us. 

Either way there is something eerie about a misplaced bag (with who knows what contained inside) that could’ve been dumped in the middle of nowhere, and all the colours and textures are very muddy.

life-strange-max-chloeThough there may not be any explicit connection to Max and Chloe’s story arc, I’m hoping there’s a supernatural element which made the first game so mysterious, deep and filled with consequences. 

As the sequel will expand upon the Life is Strange universe, I’m hoping there’s a connection to Max’s time rewind powers somehow, and overall, that it’s a good story filled with equally memorable characters. 

In the meantime, I’d also like to relook at Before The Storm, the 2017 prequel that looks at Chloe’s backstory with Rachel Amber.

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