Life Is Strange 2 Official Teaser

In the lead up to Dontnod Entertainment teasing the big reveal for more information on the Life Is Strange 2 sequel, the development team have released a new official teaser trailer to whet the appetite of curious, “I need to know what the heck is going on!” fans, in only a mere matter of 56 seconds (under a minute).

The first Life is Strange game featured a narrative that explored the adventures and despair of childhood friends Max Caulfield and Chloe Price as they try to crack the case of Rachel Amber’s disappearance.

With August 20th being hyped to be the date for the big reveal, this second official teaser that was released does hint a little bit more at the storytelling possibilities for the sequel, and what the narrative could be.

The teaser involves the first-person point-of-view, from the perspective of tape footage from a police car, dated October 28th, 2016, from the vehicle of Officer Matthews.

Another cop alerts him about running a license check and the car pulls over with what I imagine to be the cop dashing off as a brawl ensues on the side of the road, with this eerie first-person perspective from Officer Matthew’s car…we don’t actually see his face and he looks out, which is all the more weird and instills a sense of suspense and dread.

The tape footage also cuts between roughly 4.58pm, then around 5.08pm abruptly, shifting to a more sepia-toned palette, with the crackles and discoloured glitches of any good ol’ VHS.

Shrieks ensue and denial as the police try to hold down someone or something which we don’t see as the action occurs off-camera, then a huge blast of wind occurs knocking over the police man who rushed over at the scene and overthrowing and killing Officer Matthews in his vehicle, and cutting to the dirtied, shredded bag with the next announcement date stitched onto it (most likely from the car being overthrown and the blast, which we can now see from this new teaser).

It does make one wonder whether the fight off camera is indicative of the new protagonist for Life is Strange 2, or what the supernatural element is (as Max Caulfield had time rewind powers, as we’re aware of, in the first instalment).

Either way, I’m incredibly excited to see what news comes up about the sequel next.

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