The Magicians Season 4

Syfy has recently released a full trailer to tease audiences about The Magicians’ renewed Season 4, which is set to premiere January 23rd, 2019

The urban fantasy show is an adaptation of the trilogy of novels written by author Lev Grossman, which is due to become even more loosely based on the original source material, as the screen narrative continues to expand, with executive producer John McNamara earlier explaining that it would be a miniseries if the show followed the original plotline faithfully.

With the extreme cliffhanger of Season 3 ending with the protagonists’ memories being wiped, magic being restored and now rationed by the Library (with Alice being imprisoned by them), and the dark entity we encounter escaping Castle Blackspire and possessing Eliot, it seems the story world is set to become more complex.

The trailer portrays an almost dystopian environment with what appears like the Library expanding control, an aim to resolve the issue of our heroes’ amnesia, alternate dimensions, more dealings with gods and hints of a rebellion, as the former Brakebills students work to fix the new complications in front of them.

the magicians season 4
The Magicians, Syfy, Season 4 Cast (L-R). Kacey Rohl (as Marina Andrieski), Jade Tailor (as Kady Orloff-Diaz), Arjun Gupta (as William ‘Penny’ Adiyodi), Trevor Einhorn (as Josh Hoberman) and Summer Bishil (as Margo Hanson)

I’m interested to see how Penny and Marina from timeline 23 (see Episode 11 ‘Twenty-Three’ summary) change the group dynamic of our central characters, and what new fantastical environments might be unveiled. The blend of snarky, witty humour aimed at the millennial generation, with dark fantasy tropes and female protagonists who reveal and continue to expand upon their own sense of power, I feel is brilliant.

Having Eliot possessed by the monster is most likely going to impact the narrative, as he is removed from the main cast embarking on their next quest, and inhabiting a position as one of the antagonists. It is going to be a bit creepy as I’m imagining the monster in his form running around murdering people and in some possessed demon-child voice going “will you play with me?”.

This plot element is going to create some weird sort of tension, and a more dramatic break away from Eliot’s narrative arcs as one of the High Kings of Fillory (which has lasted for a significant number of episodes), so it’s going to be a wonder as to whether this situation with the monster gets resolved…or becomes a whole lot worse, on top of everything else.

Julia has also sacrificed her God-touched powers in the closing of season 3, but still appears in the trailer to look like she’s taking an important and powerful role. She has become a favourite character of mine in some ways, but there is something that’s equally likeable about all the main characters in general.

The part of the new season I am interested in quite a fair bit is the new, ordinary, non-magician identities of the cast and the complications it’s going to set up from the first episode (basically it’d be ‘The Civilians’ instead of ‘The Magicians’ in some ways…). The following featurette for season 4 humorously sending up this new plot element was released earlier for 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

In addition, the following Comic-Con interview on Entertainment Tonight with Stella Maeve and Jason Ralph, is quite interesting to note, with some of their views on the changes and progression of the show.

In closing, I’ll just be leaving this clip on the ending of Season 3.

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