New Aladdin (2019) Trailer

Disney has recently released a new teaser trailer for the live-action Aladdin film (directed by Guy Ritchie), to hit Australian cinemas this May 23rd, 2019.

The following preview features the acting talents of Mena Massoud (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan) as our titular protagonist Aladdin, Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) as princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari (Murder On The Orient Express) as the iconic disney villain Jafar, and Will Smith (Men in Black), as none other than the Genie, which has created a certain amount of disappointment in fans.

While Will Smith does look suitably cast as the blue wish-granter, I can agree that the animation of his genie form does have a sort of strange disproportion between his head and the rest of his body.

Mena Massoud (as Aladdin). Disney (2019).

The trailer gives us a glimpse of Aladdin going through the Cave of Wonders, the colourful festivities of Agrabah and the city’s sweeping views, the vast deserts, our animal cast Abu (Aladdin’s monkey), Iago (Jafar’s parrot assistant), and Rajah (Jasmine’s tiger), and the classic magic carpet scene with Aladdin and Jasmine.

The clip appears to also be accompanied with what sounds like a remake of the Disney animation’s original score.

In December last year, Entertainment Weekly also offered some exclusive previews of the upcoming live-action film.

Aladdin (2019). Entertainment Weekly.







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