Life is Strange 2 Episode Dates

Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix have announced the release dates for the remaining episodes 3 – 5 on Life is Strange 2, with the series finishing this December.

In episode 3, titled ‘Wastelands’, Sean and Daniel continue their journey to Mexico, as they reach the towering redwood forests of California.

Falling in with a community of drifters on the fringes of society, the brothers are exposed to new experiences, encounter new friends and challenges, and must confront much about themselves in the process.

New relationships cause friction between the brothers and raise doubts about their unity. Can they stay together, or will their journey together end here?



So far I’ve played the last two episodes. I kind of miss the characters from the first game, and don’t know if they’ll be making an appearance (or if there’ll at least be a direct reference to what happened to Max and Chloe in-game, even though I know there is a comic spin-off), but there has already been a crossover with Captain Spirit.

The game does feature a strong emotional intensity and the ability to explore the in-game world (I like how the characters can pick through objects and things, and we get a glimpse of their inner thoughts as they respond to the environment around them) like the other Life is Strange titles, but the focus in the sequel is largely about family, particularly the game’s main characters, the Diaz brothers, in addition to them dealing with the negative effects of racism.

I’ll be doing a review of the full game when it’s all out. Plus other reviews to come.

Life is Strange 2_20190205134658
Sean Diaz & Daniel Diaz, Episode 2: Rules. Dontnod Entertainment/Square Enix.

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