Hey Violet: Better By Myself (Review)

The Los Angeles based, pop-rock band Hey Violet have recently released their latest single for 2019, Better By Myself, the perfect track for your post-breakup woes as you find freedom in breaking away from a toxic relationship. 

The single is their first release in two years since their debut album From The Outsideand is the first of four tracks set to release over the next few months. It is also the band’s first release minus Miranda Miller, who departed from the group in 2017.

Hey Violet’s lead singer, Rena Lovelis, spoke about the song’s meaning:

I think we need to fall in love with ourselves before we fall in love with anybody else and that’s why the song sounds so celebratory. It’s about finding that happy medium between ‘I don’t need anyone,’ which tends to be a defense mechanism, and being truly okay with yourself.”

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The accompanying music video (directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz) portrays a dreamy, whimsical, and colourful, vintage-hued world of self-indulgence, with instrument-playing, bubble blowing, eating sweets, playing with plastic toys and listening to cassette tapes in the summer, portraying an abstractly fun and vibrant, yet isolated world, calling to mind the time you’re single again after breaking off the last relationship.

Lovelis’ ex in the video is also visually represented as a Ken doll, which she confidently “dumps” into the small inflatable pool by the end.

The upbeat pop melody, with lush instrumentation and relatable lyrics that encourage self-love, presents a playful yet honest breakup song that you can shimmy to, as you imagine that your ex is nothing but a plastic toy with no depth of character or feeling on the inside.

With the release of Better By Myself, it does make me interested in wanting to know what the other three yet-to-be-released tracks sound like. Is there going to be a similar running theme in lyrics, or sounds, to this one?

Maybe some more rock-infused tunes, or retro-themed music videos?

As Hey Violet returns to the music scene producing a considerably different sound to what they’ve released previously, Better By Myself, strikes a chord in listeners with its meaningful lyrics. It is a song that transports you to a different kind of break up song that sounds upbeat with an empowering message.

I rate the track:


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